As an integrative clinical nutritionist, my nutritional approach is based on integrative and functional nutrition, a scientific, evidence-based approach that considers how a person's unique biochemical individuality together with mind, body, soul, lifestyle, and environmental influences has an impact on health. Integrative and functional nutrition focuses on prevention and health support through the use of food, diet, nutrition and exercise (The Institute for Functional Medicine, 2015). 

Using my clinical knowledge of nutrition, physiology and labs, I tailor my nutritional recommendations to each individual client's needs to help support them in achieving their nutrition and health goals.  I also provide nutrition support for those genetic variations where nutritional interventions are supported by clinical evidence.

*Jennifer Miremadi Nutrition LLC only offers services administered by its sole member, Jennifer Miremadi, an EFT practitioner, nutrition coach, and nutritionist.  Jennifer Miremadi is not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care provider nor are the administration of services by Jennifer Miremadi, licensed by the State of California.  The practice of EFT and nutrition is self-regulated in the State of California and the State of California does not license or certify EFT practitioners, nutrition coaches or nutritionists.   Under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code, Jennifer Miremadi Nutrition LLC, can offer services administered by Jennifer Miremadi, its single member, subject to the requirements and restrictions that are described fully therein. Jennifer Miremadi Nutrition LLC offers nutrition counseling services internationally, and only in those states of the United States whereby individualized nutrition counseling is permitted without a license.