Just getting over the (terrible, gut-wrenching) stomach flu, I’d dropped an unnatural number of pounds in a matter of days. Not thinking much of it, I walked into ballet, and the very first thing the teacher said was, “Looking good, Jennie. Keep it up.”  That moment had an incredibly profound impact on my body-image and relationship with eating.

I had been a normal, healthy weight, but,

I became OBSESSED with being thin.

I refused to eat any fat whatsoever, and greatly whittled down my calorie intake. When my mother made dinner, I’d wait until she wasn’t looking, then skim the fat out of her cooking as it bubbled on the stove. Cut to a few years later. I was popping diet pills like they were Advil. I forced myself to run for hours, even though I hated running.

I measured and weighed my food as compulsively as I measured and weighed myself.

I tried every single fad diet out there and they worked – but who can sustain that? The fact is, if you cut your intake way down and starve yourself, your body reacts by piling on the weight again the second you go back to eating normally. Willpower wasn’t the issue. It almost never is. I was incredibly determined in fact, managing to live off 900 calories a day for two years.  But I was miserable. I turned down invitations to restaurants because I was afraid of what would happen if I ate outside my regime. I weighed myself every morning and every day was fraught with pitfalls and self-criticism. It took years for me to realize that my destructive lifestyle meant I wasn't actually living. 

But my battered relationship with food had a vice grip on me – I couldn’t seem to break free.

The solution involved walking away from all the diets and all the deprivation – only I didn’t know it yet.  

I saw nutrition experts but they didn’t seem to understand how to help me, and often just recommended another diet or plan. I read dozens of books, but none of them could answer why I felt so trapped and couldn’t break free from my destructive eating.

I traveled the world, from Thailand to Bali to Belize, investing my time, energy and entire being into learning everything I could about body and mind, with a huge emphasis on the spiritual. There was yoga, innovative energy based techniques (EFT) and meditation. As I grew more at peace with myself and my genuine appetites – both for life and for food – I was also growing my knowledge base so it would one day be possible to help others find that same peace.

During my journey I learned about food sensitivities that might cause inflammation and I learned how to use macronutrient balance so I felt satisfied and satiated. Using an integrative and functional nutrition approach, I figured out what foods worked best for my body – and believe me, there were some surprises. Not only did I eat olive oil now and not gain any weight, but my dread fear of carbs went out the window when quinoa and brown rice became part of my diet. But the battle wasn’t quite over. I still had to understand the underlying reasons why I’d spent a sizable chunk of my life struggling with food. I used a powerful self-help and coaching technique (EFT) to help me to work through the mental blocks.

I was finally able to let go of my destructive diet control and listen to what my body really wanted.

At last, I was sustaining my ideal weight naturally, but more importantly, I’d discovered my self-worth and dignity – and it wasn’t tied to the number on a scale. 

It was the most important transformation of my life.

The strange thing is, once I did all this work on myself, I found my true calling in life too. I’d worked as a lawyer for many years, but found I couldn't stop thinking about helping others with the food issues I'd overcome. With a B.A. from UCLA, I also have a Master of Science degree in nutrition and integrative health with a concentration in human clinical nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  I have also been awarded the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential via the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists and a license to practice nutrition as a licensed dietician-nutritionist (LDN) via the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. I'm certified in holistic nutrition coaching via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified as a coach through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.  I'm also trained as an EFT practitioner via the leading EFT certification body, EFT Universe. I've completed The Institute for Functional Medicine's educational seminars on Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, Hormone Advanced Practice, Energy Advanced Practice, GI Advanced Practice and Detox Advanced Practice. I'm also a member of the American Nutrition Association, the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, the American College of Nutrition, and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Your body and mind are in the best hands, and our work together can change your life in ways you've never thought possible. Your past does not define your future – let’s find a new way forward. 


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