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I’m Jennie, a licensed integrative clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. Most people are surprised to learn that I wasn’t always a nutritionist. I actually began my career as an intellectual property attorney, and it was my own personal journey with food that inspired me to go back to school and get my Master’s degree in nutrition and integrative health so that I could help others navigate their own health, nutrition and wellness journeys.  

After years of struggling and eventually finding wellness in my own life, I realized that looking at food in isolation from our biochemistry, physiology, spirit, psyche and emotions just doesn’t work. So, I undertook to combine all of these elements in a single approach. The result is a 5-factor methodology that I’ve used to help clients who’ve felt hopeless, lost and confused around food, health, nutrition and their bodies — so that they can find hope, feel empowered and get results that they never thought possible. My methodology looks at your whole person and is completely customized to provide support in the areas where you’re out of balance so that it’s possible for you to create lasting change and complete wellness.  


Here's what a couple of my clients had to say about my approach:

“Working with Jennie was one of the best and most impactful choices I have ever made for myself. First of all, she is a consummate professional—very smart and up-to-date on the latest research, organized, thorough, and responsive. It seemed like her lawyer background helped her to think really critically and analytically about my issues. She reviewed my records in great detail and showed a genuine interest in helping me deal with the root of my health issues. I initially reached out to her for issues with overeating, but what we ended up tackling was so much bigger than that. Jennie helped me pinpoint a histamine-related food response that numerous health coaches and functional medicine doctors had overlooked for years. It was causing all sorts of symptoms from migraines to heart palpitations to difficulty with sleep. Now that I’m addressing it, my health is improving every day. We also did some powerful EFT work together, during which I was able to let go of a traumatic breakup I had been carrying around for years without consciously realizing it. Since then, my relationships have improved and I have been more open to love and connection. Jennie’s holistic approach is what makes her so effective. She knows that it isn’t just food, or stress, or sleep, or any other one factor that leads to health. She addresses all the pieces in the puzzle.”

— Julia S.

“I had been trying to lose weight for years without success. Then along came Jennie. She inspired and motivated me to make the changes I needed to make in my life to get the results that I wanted. I lost 23 pounds and I haven’t looked back. Thank you!”

— A.S., Santa Monica, CA

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The 5 factors of my methodology are:  1) Body Nourishment,  2) Body Connection,  3) Mindset,  4) Biochemistry,  and 5) Soul Nourishment.

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During your initial consultation, we will go through each of the 5 factors so that we can discuss where you're already thriving, and where you're struggling (which is where we'll focus our work and support). You can read more about each of the 5 factors below.


Body Nourishment is about eating beautiful, delicious, nourishing food that makes you feel radiant from the inside out. Body Nourishment is anti-inflammatory, whole foods-based, nutrient-rich and designed so that you can figure out which foods work for your unique body in a way that maximizes your health and helps you reduce or eliminate food sensitivity symptoms. When it comes to making changes to your diet, we always honor where you’re at and move at the pace that’s right for you.

With Body Nourishment, I also provide specialized, anti-inflammatory nutritional support for the following health conditions: detoxification, autoimmune conditions, GI issues, IBS, candida, SIBO, PCOS, Hashimoto’s, Adrenal Dysfunction, Thyroid Dysfunction, Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Celiac Disease, fatigue, energy issues, and inflammatory issues. I also provide prenatal and postnatal nutrition support. And, I use the Fasting Mimicking Diet with certain clients after they’ve incorporated anti-inflammatory dietary changes.



Parts of my Body Nourishment methodology have been featured in:



Here's what a few of my clients had to say about my Body Nourishment methodology:


“Over the last couple of months, [Jennie] has totally changed my perspective on food. Jennie really helped me navigate out of this RUT I had been in for probably 5 years. She helped me figure out the grocery store. (This is embarrassing, but I think I was food illiterate. I would walk into the store and feel really overwhelmed and just leave with a boring pack of carrot sticks and then be starving and then binge on 10 tacos.) She helped me find ways to make my weird food quirks (that means picky) work for me. She helped me understand how to make a smoothie that wasn’t pure sugar. AND, she helped me feel like “healthy” doesn’t mean bland or restrictive. Many of you probably have all this figured out BUT for those of you who don’t or who just want a little guidance, JENNIE WILL BE YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL. (And she does meetings over [video].)...I’m glad to have met her and think you will be too.”

— Kelli Lamb, Los Angeles, CA

“Before Jennie, I had reflux multiple times per day and bloating almost every time I ate. After just one week of changing my diet with Jennie, my symptoms disappeared and they haven’t come back. It has been life-changing.”

— Julie, Manhattan Beach, CA

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Body Connection is about getting in touch with your natural appetite and learning to use your body’s innate hunger signals as the gauge for eating.



Parts of my Body Connection methodology have been featured in:

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Mindset is an important part of making your new way of eating sustainable. Mindset is about cultivating the right perspective so that it’s possible to implement Body Nourishment in a lasting way in your life without feeling deprived.



Parts of my Mindset methodology have been featured in:

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Sometimes, even if we’re making major nutritional changes with Body Nourishment, we have to dig deeper into your unique Biochemistry to bring your body into balance. As a practitioner of functional medicine with extensive training in functional labs analysis, I will often integrate one or more functional labs in our work together depending on your specific health issues so that we can look at what’s happening with your underlying Biochemistry -- this can help us determine if we need to adjust what you’re eating and add in additional nutritional supplementation support.



Here is the list of the *functional labs that I currently provide nutritional analyses and support for in my practice:

• Micronutrient: 

This test provides a comprehensive assessment of both extracellular and intracellular levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It enables us to examine not only whether you’re deficient in a particular nutrient, but also whether you’re actually absorbing the nutrient in your cells.


The primary test that I work with not only looks at markers for zonulin (i.e. “leaky gut”), intestinal inflammation, intestinal immunogobulin (IgA) levels and enzymes, it also looks at bacteria, yeast, and parasites. Food and nutritional supplement support are critical for supporting the gut and bringing it back into balance. 

• Organic Acids: 

This test provides a comprehensive metabolic picture and includes markers for oxidative stress, detoxification, mitochondrial function, neurotransmitters, vitamins and antioxidants, fatty acid metabolism, amino acid metabolism, oxalates, yeast, and bacteria.


This test measures free cortisol, free cortisone, cortisol metabolites, cortisone metabolites and DHEAs. Customized adrenal support involves a combination of food, nutritional supplement support and self-care practices.

• Thyroid Panel: 

This test looks at multiple thyroid hormone markers, including T3, T4, Free T3, Free T4, TSH, Reverse T3, Anti-TPO antibodies, and Anti-TGB antibodies. For clients with with imbalanced thyroid hormones or thyroid antibodies, I am able to provide specific nutritional support recommendations to help support thyroid hormone balance. 

• Comprehensive Hormone Panel: 

This test measures levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA-S and their respective metabolites and also includes 3 organic acid markers and 3 neurotransmitter markers. Food and nutritional supplements can be powerful tools for balancing hormones and altering the way you metabolize hormones.

• Food Sensitivities: 

I generally use food sensitivity panels with clients who are still experiencing symptoms after an elimination diet. For clients with certain inflammatory conditions, I may also recommend specific wheat and/or dairy sensitivity tests, or a gluten cross-reactivity test, depending on the client’s particular issues.

□  For clients with labs presenting with high levels of certain heavy metals and/or environmental toxicity, I am able to provide specific nutritional support recommendations to help support the detoxification process.


*Functional labs are not diagnostic and any nutritional support recommendations tailored to functional labs are designed to address biochemical imbalances and are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition.



Parts of my Biochemistry methodology have been featured in:


If you cope with your emotions through food, Soul Nourishment is designed to give you new tools to replace your old habits and provide you with a healthy way to fill yourself up emotionally. Soul Nourishment also incorporates the practice of EFT, which is designed to help you let go of limiting beliefs around food, health and body and reduce or release the underlying emotional triggers connected to past traumas around food, health and body (I describe EFT in more detail below).  



Parts of my Soul Nourishment methodology have been featured in:


As an Institute for the Psychology of Eating certified coach and a certified EFT energy practitioner, I use EFT with clients to help them deal with cravings and emotional eating, including triggering events and limiting beliefs around food, health and body issues.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques (sometimes called tapping) is an energy-oriented technique that’s based on the newly emerging field of energy psychology. EFT is not therapy, nor is it a replacement for therapy. Rather, the goal of EFT is to support energy imbalances, and the energetic impact that thoughts, beliefs and emotions have on the body. EFT’s underlying premise is that disruptions in the body’s energy system cause negative emotions. It’s thought that EFT clears these energy disruptions, restoring balance, and supporting physical, emotional and spiritual health.

In Parts I & II of my article on EFT in The Chalkboard Magazine, I describe EFT in detail, including scientific research studies published in peer-reviewed journals that support the use of Clinical EFT for a multitude of issues. I have also written about the basics of using EFT for cravings and emotional eating, which you can also read on The Chalkboard Magazine.

*Although EFT appears to have promising emotional, spiritual and physical health benefits and there is a growing amount of scientific research indicating that EFT is an effective evidence-supported method, EFT has yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities and, therefore, is considered experimental.  The practice of EFT is self-regulated and the State of California does not license EFT practitioners and considers EFT to be an alternative or complementary medicine approach.



My EFT work has been featured in:


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Here's what some of my clients had to say about our EFT work together:


“When I first met Jennie, I was drawn in by her wonderful energy, singular focus and all-around peaceful vibe. I’d been going through a particularly difficult time. I tend to be an emotional eater; at the time I was having trouble controlling my eating, particularly my sugar addiction. After only one session with Jennie, the cravings completely stopped. This has been a lifelong battle for me and I finally feel as though I have a handle on it. Her empathy and compassion made it a really safe and nurturing environment and because she herself had struggled with food, I felt completely understood and never judged. Using her unique process, I was able to gain an understanding of how events from my past are the triggers in my relationship with food—that was unbelievably freeing. One session with Jennie has effected all kinds of change within me. I am forever grateful.”

— Nayda P., Los Angeles, CA

“Jennie is not only professional, kind and warm, but she has an amazing ability to listen not only to your words, but also to your emotions, making you feel safe and understood. She is able to word things [during EFT] in a way that helps you find your voice, and she alters her techniques to what is having the best results for you. After my first EFT session I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulder. I would highly recommend Jennie.”

— Andrew, Sydney, Australia

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My methodology is also supported by extensive education, training and certifications, including my credential as a licensed nutritionist:

UCLA, Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
UCLA School of Law, Juris Doctorate, Order of the Coif
Maryland University of Integrative Health, Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health, Human Clinical Nutrition Concentration
Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential via the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists
Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist (LDN) in the state of Pennsylvania
Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Certified Coach
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach
EFT Universe, EFT Certification
Epicurean School of Culinary Arts, Professional Chef I and Professional Baking I Certifications

I’ve also taken all of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Advanced Practice Courses, including:

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
Hormone Advanced Practice
Energy Advanced Practice
GI Advanced Practice
Detox Advanced Practice
Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice
Immune Advanced Practice

And, I’ve taken additional Functional Medicine Training Courses in:

Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth (SIBO)
Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Reproductive Hormones
Hormone Metabolite Assessment
Thyroid Hormones
Organic Acids
Gut Dysbiosis

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If you would like to book an initial consultation with me, you can do so here. Initial consultations are priced at $350.