Strawberry Basil Almond Spread



8 oz. package Kite Hill brand ricotta
1 cup organic strawberries
3 tbsp. fresh basil
Coconut nectar and/or stevia to taste
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt.


1) Add ingredients to food processor and pulse until ingredients are combined and strawberries and basil are finely chopped and distributed evenly throughout almond ricotta.
2) Adjust sweeteners to taste.
3) Remove Strawberry Basil Almond Spread from food processor, wrap in cheesecloth, place in a strainer fitted on top of a bowl, cover, and put in the refrigerator overnight to strain any excess water from the strawberries in the spread.
4) Remove spread from refrigerator when ready to use.

Makes approximately 1 1/4 cups of spread.

Jennifer MiremadiComment